I have been working for Iowa State University’s College of Engineering as a Teaching assistant for various courses since the fall of 2013. During this time, I’ve been a lab TA in CprE 185 (Introduction to Problem Solving I), CprE 186 (Introduction to Problem Solving II), CprE 218 (Digital Logic), and CprE 288 (Introduction to Embedded Systems).

I am currently employed as a TA for CprE 185/186 and have just started CprE 288. In addition, I also function as a peer mentor for the CprE 185 learning community.


  • Lab instruction
  • Pre-exam review sessions
  • Office hours
  • Lab equipment maintenance
  • Exam grading
  • Scheduling learning community activities

Skills Learned

  • Professional communication
  • Public speaking
  • Instruction of concepts in
    • C
    • Digital logic
    • Project management
    • Embedded systems/sensors
  • Time management