I have been fortunate enough to have summer internships with Garmin International during the summers of 2014 and 2015. Both times I was located at the central headquarters in Olathe Kansas and was able to participate in active development in a team setting.

Summer 2014 - Aviation

Duties and Projects

During my first internship, I worked under the guidance my mentor Willie Flaherty and manger Travis Kosteno in the Aviation department. I was responsible for the removal of registry calls from the Aviation Common Library and general IOP (Input/Output Processing) library maintenance. In addition, I was required to extensively test and document my changes to the code base.

Skills learned

  • Version Control (GIT)
  • Visual Studio 2005/2013
  • Module-testing
  • Large-scale project navigation and management
  • Written requirements

Final presentations

During the final weeks of my internship, the interns were to provide a short presentation about our projects, experiences, and what we had learned. A link to my poster-board presentation can be found here.

Summer 2015 - Wearables

Duties and Projects

During this internship, I worked with my mentors Mike Tabone and David Mullins, and reported to our team manager, John Lovitt. My primary responsibility for the first half of the semester was general bug fixing and maintenance on the newly released VivoActive. I was able to work on general improvements to UI and smart notifications, along with bug fixes in the swimming activity-tracker and menu navigation. Unfortunately, I am not able to discuss what I did during the second half of the summer.

Skills learned

  • Issue tracking
  • Code review
  • J-Tag usage and testing
  • Task priority/triage

_ Final presentations_

Unfortunately, I am not able to display my presentation due to sensitive material.