During the first few weeks of fall 2013, I participated in Iowa State’s Destination Iowa State program as a DIS leader. This is a special event held to help incoming students (both freshmen and transfer students) learn more about ISU, its many facilities, and how to navigate campus.

For three days, I helped to lead a group of 7 - 13 students around campus, helping them to find their classrooms, become familiar with the bus system, locate and utilize campus resources, and to offer general guidance and advice.


  • Campus tour
    • Dorms
    • Colleges
    • Cafeterias
  • Team-building events
    • Community service
    • Campus events (Frisbee, basketball, etc)
  • Information sessions
    • Academic tutors
    • Safety policies
    • Clubs/campus programs

Skills Learned

  • Formal/informal communication
  • General advising
  • Team building/management
  • Time management